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Corporate Volunteering in Swiss parks

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Elisa Strecke

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Swiss Parks Network

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Swiss nature parks regularly organize volunteering events for companies that strive to contribute to environmental sustainability by actively engaging their employees in this cause. Participants help to maintain valuable natural and cultural landscapes in Swiss parks. In doing so they get to know the park, exchange ideas with the local population and enjoy regional specialities. Competent accompanying persons impart knowledge about the local fauna, flora and regional culture.

Corporate Volunteering in Parc Ela

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Background of the project

No link between the needs of the corporate world and the parks was existing. The Corporate Volunteering program was established in 2013. Since 2014 Corporate Volunteering events take place.

The increasing establishment of corporate sustainability programmes in companies offers an interesting potential to the parks.

Solution and actions taken

Corporate Volunteering is a professional and tailor-made overall package, which promotes the transfer related to active support and financial resources from economically stronger to economically weaker players and regions. The works that company employees perform in the parks are needed to maintain valuable natural and cultural landscapes.

At present 10 of the 19 Swiss parks offer volunteering opportunities. A central contact point coordinates company enquiries and organises the events together with the park. Activities for nature preservation range from picking fruit to building insect hotels, clearing meadows or weeding neophytes, etc.

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Corporate Volunteering is a big success and every year the numbers of participating companies increase. In 2019, 62 volunteering days took place with 1’173 employees from 13 different companies. The procedures for organizing CV events are well established in the parks and at the central coordination level. In addition, clear rules and standards now ensure transparent communication of CV events and targeted selection and acquisition of large companies.


The challenges during the development were mainly related to the definition of common standards in the different parks, the creation of a common, national appearance as well as quality guarantee and safety assurance.

Lessons learned

There is a great potential for companies to offer their employees engagement opportunities with sustainable impacts on nature. This potential if well managed, can create an interesting win-win situation for the parks and the companies.

Contact name

Elisa Strecke

Institution name

Swiss Parks Network


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