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Innovative methods in nature education and communication in Latvia

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Andris Širovs, Nature Conservation Agency, Republic of Latvia, Acting Director General, Deputy Director General.

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The Nature Conservation Agency of Latvia

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The first Mobile Nature Education Class in Latvia is an innovative, engaging, and modern nature education mobile exhibition designed in a specially rebuilt and equipped minibus, addressing environmental education by bringing interactive nature experiences to diverse audiences at public events. It offers an attractive and entertaining way to explore nature ecosystems and nature conservation. The Mobile Nature Education Class is a successful solution to get closer to the audience, making nature education more accessible and noticeable at widely attended public events. It is a way to address, interest, and encourage exploration of nature, to understand environmental issues, and to recognise one’s personal role in shaping a better nature world.

Mobile Nature Education Class

A.Soms, Nature Conservation Agency of Latva

Background of the project

Nature education means were available mainly at geographically fixed Nature Education centers, limiting access to nature education, especially in farther areas. Half of the attendees admitted they had little knowledge about nature conservation. Interest in environmentally friendly actions in Latvia was growing, but opportunities for an in-depth nature education needed an innovative approach.

Recognizing the growing interest in environmental conservation and the limited accessibility to comprehensive nature education, we identified the need for engaging and accessible nature education experiences for people of all ages and backgrounds. There was a gap in providing interactive learning opportunities focused on ecosystems and environmental issues. The Mobile Nature Education Class aimed to reach a wider audience and to provide quality educational experiences in various regions.

Solution and actions taken

To address the identified needs, we developed the Mobile Nature Education Class, a specially equipped minibus transformed into a mobile classroom with (even!) solar panels. This innovative solution allowed us to bring interactive workshops, educational games, and engaging activities directly to diverse audiences, fostering environmental awareness and stewardship. The Mobile Education Class is truly innovative: unique outer appearance, ready-to-go any minute and high mobility are the main feature

The Mobile Nature Education Class participated in various events throughout the territory of Latvia, including corporate events, nature education center events, initiatives like “Let’s Do It for Nature!” primary and high school events, events organised by municipalities, institutions, and organisations, city festivals, and other public events. Participation in various events allowed us to engage with diverse audiences: families with children, students, adults, seniors, and nature experts.

Other institutions or parties involved

The Mobile Nature Education Class was made within the framework of the project LIFE-IP LatViaNature (LIFE19IPE/LV/000010). The project is implemented in a partnership of ten organisations representing both the public and non-governmental sectors, including 4 Universities. The closest cooperation in the process was with the nature education experts from the Ķemeri National Park Nature Centre, who are the authors of the concept of the Mobile Nature Education Class.


As of June 2022, the Mobile Nature Education Class has participated in 150 events, educating more than 13 000 people from various audiences (audiences mentioned in reply to question No. 4). It has successfully expanded nature education opportunities and awareness across Latvia.


Procurement was carried out during COVID-19, which substantially increased demand for vans everywhere. In view of that, no manufacturer at that time was really interested to provide one van only, so we had to repeat procurement process 3 times. Also, for the solar panels, we had to really look hard before finding technicians in Latvia who agreed to install the panels, as these are the innovative technical means for van.

Lessons learned

Social networks and influencers are important. Last year a nature expert posted one post on Facebook praising Nature Education Class. Post was shared more than 2000 times, and the Mobile Nature Education Class calendar filled up very quickly. There is a demand for this type of nature education service in every region of Latvia. Understanding diverse audience needs and overcoming logistical challenges are key takeaways.

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Contact name

Andris Širovs, Nature Conservation Agency, Republic of Latvia, Acting Director General, Deputy Director General.

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The Nature Conservation Agency of Latvia


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