Good practices on sustainable development in Protected Areas

An initiative for forest clearance carried out through sheep grazing at Collserola Natural Park, Spain.

Among the objectives of IMPACT Interreg Europe Project, the identification of good practices is one of the priorities. These good practices are socio-economic or management activities that are being implemented in different regions of Europe and that can be used or applied in other regions or protected areas in order to foster the sustainable development of a region. Through its collection and exchange among partners, we can have a clear vision of the possibilities that protected areas have regarding the creation of green jobs, and consider its inclusion in  the  action plans for sustainable development that the project seeks. In this section we provide access to the good practices that have been identified by each project partner so far:

Regional Government of Andalusia, Spain

EUROPARC Federation (covering all Europe)

EUCC Baltic Office, Lithuania

Molise Region, Italy

National Institute for Research and Development in Tourism, Romania

Espaces Naturels Régionaux, France