A Sustainable Journey – the Film on Sustainable Tourism

A Sustainable Journey has been produced by EUROPARC Federation in the framework of the CEETO Interreg Central Europe project. This 9 minutes short film portrays the story of a traveller seeking to escape the pressures of everyday life to a different kind of tourism that he believes will be good for nature and good for him too. The objective of the film is to raise awarenes among travellers and local communities on the importance of sustainable tourism.

During the film, the traveller explores different aspect of the area on foot and bicycle, experiences heritage and culture, natural places – wild and less wild, and local villages shopping and partaking in local food and drink. Realising that he, through his choices can affect the local environment, culture and economy. He sees too that as a guest to this protected areas, that is too a place where people live and work, that they too respect and look after their special place. He finds that sustainable tourism is good for him and good for nature too and invites others to make a similar holiday choice.

For the production of this movie, sustainable industries and local producers certified with the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism were meticulously selected and recorded in order to lead with the example for future sustainable destinations.

The full movie was released on the European Parliament on November 29th 2018, with parallel screenings taking place in the different regions that take part of CEETO Interreg Central Europe project. You can see the movie and download a copy of the Promotional Material adapted for web distribution in 5 different languages (English, German, Italian, French and Spanish) in CEETO webpage A Sustainable Journey – The Film