Croatia – 19 May 2018 – Week of Parks of Croatia

Week of Parks of Croatia

Date and Time
Duration:5 hours
Organiser:Public Institution "Nature Park Medvednica"/Nature Park Medvednica
Zrinski Mine


Week of Parks of Croatia

from 18th until 27th of May 2018 we celebrate Week…

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from 18th until 27th of May 2018 we celebrate Week of Parks of Croatia. During this week we have many activities.
We start on 18th with a large corporative volunteering action – we will clean a part of Park.
On 19th we celebrate International Day for Biological Diversity and Nature Protection Day in Park Maksimir where all Croatian Parks will be presented to public as well as all Institutions working in nature protection.
On the 19th and 20th of May we will promote Zrinski mine, a cultural heritage in the Nature Park Medvednica. The Zrinski Mine was registered as the protected cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia in 2006. It is medieval silver mine, the first one in Croatia opened for visitors. During 16th and 17th century people used to mine there in search for silver, acquired by smelting lead-glance or galena. After the mine was abandoned, buried and forgotten for centuries, the Public institution „Medvednica Nature Park“ turned it into a tourist attraction.
On 23th of May we will organise one more corporative volunteering action during which volunteers will help renovate infrastructure for visitors in the Park.
On 26th and 27th of May we will promote Veternica cave. With more than seven kilometers of branching canals, Veternica is the sixth cave in Croatia by size, tourists can visit with our expert guide the first 380 meters of the cave and explore some of its secrets. The cave was created in the karst “pocket” of the southwest part of Medvednica, by sinking of water from the area of Ponikve alongside the cracks in the rock. It can be regarded as the oldest archaeological site of Zagreb – its darkness kept the proof of the tempestuous life of the past millenniums, from the Neanderthal man, Roman soldiers and medieval robbers, to the contemporary adventurers and tourists. For its overall values Veternica was protected as a geomorphological nature monument in 1979.

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