Czech Republic – 26 May 2018 – Steppes festival 2018

Steppes festival 2018

Date and Time
Duration:7 hours
Organiser:Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic / PLA České středohoří (Bohemian Uplands)
Location:Czech Republic
Raná hill


Steppes festival 2018

Steppes and ground squirrels running all around - this is…

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Steppes and ground squirrels running all around – this is seventh year of the favourite festival of the steppes species and habitats of Bohemian Uphils in the Louny area. The event is focused mainly on families, there will be many fun activities for children – games, tasks, live animals, horse riding etc. We will also introduce our voluntary guards of nature and there will be three guided tours with our botanist and zoologist the visitors may join. The young participants can also attend storytelling about the forest and its inhabitants and about the animals living in this PLA.

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