Sustainable Business Partners – Charter Part II

Fostering employment in local communities © Ennio Billi, Artist: Sasso Simone, Simoncello Park (IT)

The engagement of local businesses is vital to the effective development and management of sustainable tourism.

They must be represented on the sustainable tourism forum and be involved in the preparation and implementation of the sustainable tourism strategy and action plan. While the above situation must pertain in all Charter Areas, a recommended development of the Charter, is to enable certain tourism businesses working in partnership with the protected area authority to receive individual recognition under the Part II of the Charter. Whilst the application to become a Sustainable Destination is processed and evaluated by the Federation, the development of Charter Part II and Charter part III is developed at national level by EUROPARC Sections.

Which are the benefits for businesses?

Businesses recognised and assessed for their sustainability practices receive the following benefits:

  • Closer engagement with protected area authorities;
  • Right to use the Charter logo;
  • Visibility on Charter websites;
  • Engagement with training and marketing opportunities as may be developed;
  • Networking with other businesses recognised by the Charter;
  • Possible engagement with projects and funding.

Part II is only available to businesses in areas that have been awarded the Charter under Part I. Recognising sustainable partners under the Charter for Sustainable Tourism is only available to businesses in areas that are in an awarded Charter Area, which has in place agreed certification process.

Sustainable partners in Europe

The following map is continuously updated and shows the Sustainable Business Partners recognized under The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas.