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  • Protected Areas management
  • The Training and capacity Needs Assessment reports
  • Capacity building initiatives/projects

Protected Areas management

There are 4 categories of Protected Areas recognized in Armenia: State Reserves, National Parks, Nature Monuments and State Sanctuary. They correspond to the IUCN categories form I to IV.

The responsible bodies at a national level are: Ministry of Nature Protection (MNP), the Ministry of Agriculture (MA) and the Ministry of Education and Science (MES). At a local level, there are several State Non Commercial Organizations responsible for the management of Protected Areas in Armenia. There are no regional level entities that manage PAs.

The Training and capacity Needs Assessment

The Training and capacity needs assessment report (2014) The ”Assessment of capacity development needs of protected area staff in Eastern Europe. Armenia” is based on a survey that has been filled in by the staff employed in the national Protected Area management system of Armenia in 2013.

The results of the surveys provide detailed information on staffing profiles, training provided in the past three years and structured assessments of competence, based on which recommendations have been developed.

The preparation and publication of this report was supported by the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (Bundesamt für Naturschutz: BfN) as a component of the project ‘Capacity Building Plans for Efficient Protected Area Management in Eastern Europe’ (Number: Z1.3-544 11-63/12 (FKZ: 3512 82 1800)).

The report is available for download at the end of the article.

The assessment of management effectiveness of protected areas in Armenia, at both system and site levels, using the RAPPAM tool, was also implemented in 2008 in the framework of WWF project “Protected Areas for a Living Planet – Caucasus Ecoregion” in close cooperation with IUCN.

Capacity building initiatives/projects

Here are some national initiatives:

– A series of successful training courses at different level (local, national, international) for the management of wetlands in Protected Areas have been carried out by the Professional and Entrepreneurial Orientation Union in 1999-2007.  Details available here.

– The Ministry of Nature Protection in Armenia is working on a Tailor-Made Training entitled ”Enhancing community socio-economic development through participatory management of specially protected nature areas” within the Nuffic’s Netherlands Fellowship Programme.

– Various projects that have been implemented during the past few years, had a capacity building objective among other activities. A list of relevant projects is available for download at the end of this article.

For other initiatives in the field of capacity building for Protected Areas that should be included here, please write to us at (state within the subject of the message: Capacity Building Section – Armenia)