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  • Capacity building initiatives/projects

Protected Areas management

The Training and capacity Needs Assessment

The Training and capacity needs assessment report (2014) The ”Assessment of capacity development needs of protected area staff in Eastern Europe. Croatia” is based on a survey that has been filled in by the staff employed in the national protected area management system of Croatia in 2013.

The results of the surveys provide detailed information on staffing profiles, training provided in the past three years and structured assessments of competence, based on which recommendations have been developed.

The preparation and publication of this report was supported by the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (Bundesamt für Naturschutz: BfN) as a component of the project ‘Capacity Building Plans for Efficient Protected Area Management in Eastern Europe’ (Number: Z1.3-544 11-63/12 (FKZ: 3512 82 1800)).

The report is available for download at the end of the article.

Capacity building initiatives/projects

2013-2016, ”Sustainable Economic Activities in Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas” (SeaMED), WWF Mediterranean

About the project:

It provides regional and national trainings and study visits focused on supporting sustainable tourism, fishing and financing in Croatian marine protected areas. It will also have a “train the trainer” component focusing on planning and facilitation skills.

For details about the project, click here.

2012-2015, ” Dinaric Arc Parks”, financed by Norwegian aid and MAVA

About the project:

The project aims at creating, branding and promoting a large network of protected areas covering eight countries in the Dinaric Arc region in South-Eastern Europe, which covers some 100,000 km2 and more than 6,000 km of coastline. The project strategy has three axes: networking, capacity building and communication.

For details about the project, click here.

2008-2012, “Strengthening of the Marine Protected Areas Network in Croatia” (MedPAN South)

About the project:

Implemented by Sunce and WWF, consisted in a serie of trainings focused on PA management, planning and monitoring as well as study visits. Beneficiaries were mainly marine and coastal protected areas.

For details about the project, click here.

2006-2009, “Project Protected Areas Management System” (PAMS), funded by the Government of the Kingdom of Norway

About the project:

It’s main objective was to procure the GIS system and organise trainings for using GIS software. Some of these trainings have continued to be formally organised by the ArcGIS (ESRI) licensed company GIS Data from Croatia and financed by the Ministry.

For details about the project, click here.

Public bodies offering trainings for protected areas management:

  • State Institute for Nature Conservation (SINP) – since 2005 has been organizing training programmes with a wider range of topics for employees of public institutions and other interested parts
  • Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection (MENP) – organizes training modules, but only for public employees
  • Directorate for Inspection of Nature Protection, within the Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection, – organizes national level trainings and exams for rangers which are obligatory for joining ranger service. Trainings and exams are focused on international convention and national laws related to nature conservation

For other initiatives in the field of capacity building for protected areas that should be included here, please write to us at (state within the subject of the message: Capacity Building Section – Croatia).