2013: Purpose and process of Management Planning for Protected Areas

Siggen Seminar © Richard Novak

As the speed of change increases everywhere in Europe, the natural environment of Europe’s protected areas, their landscapes, wildlife and the cultural features within them are increasingly being recognised as not just pleasant places. They have a bigger and more significant role to play in 21stcentury life. Their wildlife, ecosystems and natural resources act as life support systems for our daily needs, their historic character provides a window into our heritage and their open spaces increasingly offer refreshment and havens from the pressures of urban life. Collectively all these features provide invaluable opportunities to learn, understand and appreciate the importance of these special places.

The role of the Plans which guide the management of Europe’s Protected Areas is therefore becoming increasingly important. Their effectiveness will be the measure by which future generations judge the success of our collective efforts to safeguard these special areas.

From 2  –7 September,  the EUROPARC Federation took up the generous offer of the Alfred Toepfer Foundation to host the fourth Siggen Seminar and side meetings week at the beautiful estate of Gut Siggen.

EUROPARC were given free use of the Foundation’s seminar centre, the Siggen Estate on the German coast of the Baltic Sea. This one week in a year greatly benefits the EUROPARC Federation and its members and helps to take the organisation’s mission forward.  The week was split in three parts: The first two days were dedicated to the seminar onPurpose and process of Management Planning for protected areas, the other days EUROPARC working groups and staff meetings took place. In addition, this year EUROPARC Siggen participants got the unique opportunity for a late night talk with Prof. Dr. Hans Köpp, listening to his experience with the founder of EUROPARC, Alfred Toepfer himself and the early days of the Federation.

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