2015 International Junior Ranger Camp

Junior Ranger in Nuuksio National Park, Finland © EUROPARC Federation

14th International Junior Ranger Camp 2015: “in Action for Nature” in Nuuksio National Park, Finland

This year the International Junior Ranger Camp was kindly hosted by Metsähallitus in Nuuksio National Park, a real “back to nature” camp from 11th-18th July.

Some of the best moments of 2015 International Junior Ranger Camp, made by one of this year participants – Luca Deganutti. Thanks for sharing Luca!


About Nuuksio National Park

Spread over an area of 53 km², since 1994, the Park is situated on the fringes of the Helsinki metropolitan area, the forests and lakes of Nuuksio National Park represent Finnish nature at its best. An easy day-trip into the park enables visitors to get away from the bustle of the city and enjoy beautiful natural settings.

A wealth of wildlife and splendid scenery

Nuuksio’s varied landscapes include valleys and gorges carved out during the Ice Age, and rugged rocky hills that overlook leafy woodlands and shady spruce forests. Visitors can cross open marshes and picnic by beautiful lakesides. The park’s forests are dotted with more than 80 small lakes and ponds. Some have marshy margins but others have rocky shores and crystal clear water. Dozens of rare and threatened species thrive in the national park. Visitors may be lucky enough to spot a flying squirrel gliding between the treetops overhead. This unique animal is the emblem of the Nuuksio National Park, where its population is denser than anywhere else in Finland. Other mammals may also be encountered, including elk, foxes and white-tailed deer, as well as many woodland and water birds.

Enjoyable hiking routes and free forest fare

Visitors can easily find their way around Nuuksio’s hiking and skiing trails, and freely pick wild berries and mushrooms. Trails are particularly well-marked around Haukkalampi. Visitors exploring other areas should take a good map and a compass. Visitors can also spend a whole day or two in the park using freely provided cooking shelters, camping sites and rentable cabins, or plan longer treks taking in trails in the adjoining recreational areas. All of Finland’s national parks are managed by Metsähallitus Natural Heritage Services.