EUROPARC Roundtable – HPHPe surgery: Developing projects to deliver the Healthy Parks Healthy People Europe programme in practice

This online roundtable allowed speakers and participants to share experiences from across Europe of projects in various stages of development that can deliver the HPHPe – Healthy Parks Healthy People Europe programme in practice and consider opportunities for partnership working and exchange.

Event summary and presentations

The Roundtable presented different project ideas and activities that are currently being scoped and developed by EUROPARC members. There were also first-hand discussions about what have been the key challenges in turning good ideas into practical projects.

Welcome and Introduction to the roundtable
By Carol Ritchie – EUROPARC´s Excecutive Director.

Healthy Parks Healthy People Europe – moving from strategy to action
By Pete Rawcliffe – Head of the People and Places Activity, NatureScot.

Pete summarised what the vision, mission and 4 pillars of the HPHPe programme are and what has been happening since its launch in 2020. You can learn more about the programme on the EUROPARC website here.

Find Pete’s presentation here.

Heritage Horizons: Cairngorms 2030 – People and Nature thriving together
By Dan Jenkins – Strategic Green Health Development Manager for the Heritage Horizons Cairngorms 2030 project.

Dan presented the ambitious plan to empower the people who live, visit and work in the Cairngorms National Park. The project brings together a huge range of different partners from different sectors. In total, there are 24 project actions that aim to deliver meaningful action on the ground.

Find Dan’s presentation here.

My Park; My Health
By Katy Monier – Environmental Health Officer – One Health at Parc naturel régional du Golfe du Morbihan

Katy spoke about a new project at her Park which is mobilising regional actors for a positive transition to health and wellbeing. In 2022, the project “My Park, My Health” wants to set up a steering committee that also integrates health experts. The goal is to create a common understanding and will to work on health inside the Park – and integrate health in projects that are currently running.

Find Katy’s presentation here.

INTERREG Europe – GREENHEALTH proposal – Sustainable protected areas as a key value for human well-being
By Marta Reguilón – Consultant EuroVértice Consultores

Marta presented a project proposal that was submitted in the latest INTERREG Europe programme. EUROPARC is part of the proposed project as an advisory partner. The objective of the project is making EU regions more biodiversity-resilient by improving management of European Protected Areas through strengthening links between biodiversity protection and human health and well-being. Within the project, Protected Areas function as “living labs”.

Find Marta’s presentation here.

Let’s talk about it!

After the presentations, there was time for participants to discuss and exchange. We’ve also asked two questions through the Mentimeter tool:

1. What project activity are you thinking of undertaking to develop HPHPe practice in your Protected Area/region?

2. What kind of support would you need to develop this project activity?

Links and Resources:

During the discussion, participants shared a range of interesting resources on the topic:

  • The film on Heritage Horizons mentioned by Dan.
  • Paths for all – Dementia Friendly walks: walks led by a walk leader, using safe, accessible paths, as an opportunity to enjoy some fresh air all year round.
  • Green Care (Biosphere reserve Rhoen): Nature and physical health (in German) – using nature to improve mental health.
  • City oases (TU Munich): research on how different urban green spaces/parks (biodiversity, size, structure, connectivity) affect human well-being.
  • Nature Prescriptions (RSPB): help medical professionals formally prescribe connecting with nature to their patients
  • Think Health Think Nature: a free resource to help users explore and enjoy local green spaces