Four benefits of better sustainability marketing & communication

There are many rural tourism and hospitality businesses that already protect their environment and create meaningful jobs, purchase locally and promote a sense of belonging. These businesses may not be making the most of their sustainability practices because they are not aware of how they can effectively communicate them, or because they have unrealistic expectations of what such a label can achieve. It is time to learn how to communicate your sustainability in a way that makes sense to your customers.

In this webinar, Dr Xavier Font, professor of Sustainability Marketing at the University of Surrey, United Kingdom demonstrated how sustainable businesses can better market and communicate what makes them different, by focusing on how it makes their customer’s experience more complete. Without idealism, jargon and ‘save the planet’ messages. 

The webinar focussed on the four benefits of better sustainability marketing and communications for rural tourism businesses. Furthermore, it looked at tips to reduce your operating costs, improve your customer satisfaction, increase their expenditure, as well as their loyalty.

This webinar was a follow-up on a successful webinar organised last October. In the previous webinar, Dr Font detailed how small businesses and destination managers can design and market sustainable experiences during the low season.

Programme & Presentation

Welcome and Introductions
Teresa Pastor, ECST Manager at EUROPARC Federation.
Besides a general introduction, Teresa also announced the next ECST meeting, taking place in Triglav, Slovenia! Registration is now open.

Creating better sustainability marketing for your business
Dr Xavier Font explained how tourism businesses, and Protected Areas can get their customer or visitor loyalty and satisfaction up, whilst reducing their impacts. Get his presentation here.

About the presenter

Dr Xavier Font
Professor of Sustainability Marketing at the University of Surrey, United Kingdom

Dr Font researches and develops methods of sustainable tourism production and consumption. He has published widely about sustainable tourism certification, and has consulted on sustainable product development, marketing and communication. He currently serves as an advisor in Prince Harry’s Travalyst coalition of, Tripadvisor, Google, Expedia, Skyscanner, Visa and Trip. Furthermore, he has conducted over 150 courses for more than 5,000 businesses on how to market and communicate sustainability. He is currently the Principal Investigator for the University of Surrey for the €23m Interreg project “EXPERIENCE”, which aims to develop low season sustainable tourism visitor experiences.