Radical Transformational Leadership for Protected Areas & Climate Change

In this webinar, we looked at the personal dimension of change, through the Radical Transformational Leadership framework.

Marta Múgica, from EUROPARC Spain, opened the session with a brief overview of the CoAdaptation project and the need to prompt a personal change. Then, Kirsten Gallo from the US National Park Service and Conchi Piñeiro from Altekio (ES) introduced us to some techniques that can help us better respond to the many challenges Protected Area professionals face.

The Conscious Full-Spectrum Response was one of the tools presented, that resets our approach to look beyond technical solutions, ensure we understand the context so we are able to induce a systemic change, and always base our actions in core, universal values. We have also heard examples of how these tools are being applied in the context of climate change adaptation, permitting an inner reframing of our actions and a retuning with our values.

Download the Presentations

Radical Transformational Leadership by Kirsten Gallo

Radical Transformational Leadership by Conchi Pineiro

CoAdaptation Project by Marta Mugica


Other useful resources:

Article: Responding to Climate Change: The Three Spheres of Transformation (by K.O´Brien and L.Sygna)

Book: Radical Transformational Leadership (by M.Sharma)