Romania – 24 May 2018 – Laws of the woods

Laws of the woods

Date and Time
Duration:4 hours
Organiser:Students' Academy of International Law
Cluj-Napoca, Central Park


Laws of the woods

I. Purpose of the project On the European Day of…

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I. Purpose of the project
On the European Day of Parks, SAIL – Students’ Academy of International Law proposes to organize a half-day festival to inform citizens about:
1. The existence of national parks;
2. Legal norms in the field of environmental protection (especially Law 24/2007, Law of green spaces);
3. Responsibility to be shown when in national parks.

To achieve these goals, we propose the following main activities:
A. For point 1, organizing a photo exposition of some national parks in Romania and write some details about them. To make this exposition, we will hang the collection of photos on the strings that will be tied around the trees. We will also be accompanied by students from the Faculty of Geography of BBU to provide explanations and additional details about these parks. The activity will be called “Photographic tourism of national parks”
B. For points 2. and 3. there will be a number of students from the Faculty of Law, BBU, who will discuss about Law 24/2007 on the protection of parks. At the same time, flyers with details about the law will be available for the public. The project will be called “Do you have five minutes to talk about National Parks?” Also, the theater team of the Faculty of Law will organize a series of one-act plays on environmental law and environmental protection, in collaboration with students from the USAMV Environmental Engineering Faculty.

II. Proposed secondary activities:

A. Organizing, with the help of the Social Tăşuleasa members, a 300-meters sprint contest. Activity will be called “Run for the Woods”
B. Organizing a film screening on the importance of environmental protection.
C. Set up a space with hammocks and pillows for relaxation.
D. Placing speakers to recreate park-specific sounds.

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