Spain – 13 May 2018 – Bread course with sourdough

Bread course with sourdough

Date and Time
Duration:7 hours
Organiser:Espacio Inquietudes
Plaza Marqués de Lozoya, 10 - Lozoya (Madrid)


Bread course with sourdough

We invite you to learn a little more about this…

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We invite you to learn a little more about this basic food, but so important: artisanal bread: good bread, rich and nutritious.
Objective: it is an eminently practical course, putting the focus on initiating the student to a basic knowledge for the elaboration of artisan bread.
At the end of the course you will have a base to continue researching, knowing what variables affect the preparation of a good bread, and of course each of you will take a bread under your arm … and the sourdough of your own harvest.
The course includes the ingredients to make your loaves (the course is essentially practical … with your hands in the dough), a jar with sourdough and the midday meal. The price is 60 euros.

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