Spain – 19 May 2018 – Workshop of scientific aromatherapy

Workshop of scientific aromatherapy

Date and Time
Duration:8 hours
Organiser:Espacio Inquietudes
Plaza Marqués de Lozoya, 10 - Lozoya (Madrid)


Workshop of scientific aromatherapy

In the course of aromatherapy we will work mainly with…

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In the course of aromatherapy we will work mainly with essential oils through practical recipes that we will elaborate. You will learn the ways of preparing and dosing them, as well as their most important actions and uses in the physical and emotional aspects. In addition to learning its therapeutic use, we will work on its forms of extraction using medicinal and aromatic plants discovering, in short, what aromatherapy is.
The price of the course is € 60 and includes a dossier, a kit of essential oils and lunch. The course is aimed at adults who want to introduce themselves in the extraction and use of essential oils.

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