Estonia – 08 May 2021 – Linnumatk Matsalu Rahvuspargis

Linnumatk Matsalu Rahvuspargis

Date and Time
Duration:20 hours
Organiser:Natourest OÜ
Matsalu National Park


Linnumatk Matsalu Rahvuspargis

The first week of May is a the peak of…

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The first week of May is a the peak of spring birdwatching. The migration is still in full-swing and even the late arrivals have reached Estonia. Owls, woodpeckers, forest grouse are still active and the air is filled with a great variety of bird songs. Matsalu National Park is a great place to experience the best birdwatching locations that Estonia has to offer. Join us on this tour and find out why Estonia is known to be one of the best birdwatching locations in Europe.

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