Spain – 22 May 2021 – Edible wild plants course

Edible wild plants course

Date and Time
Duration:3.5 hours
Organiser:naturalwalks / Montseny Natural Park


Edible wild plants course

Do you want to learn to identify the most common…

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Do you want to learn to identify the most common edible herbs that we find at this time in the surroundings of Montseny in a time as formidable as this? Do you want to learn how to easily recognize them, how to use them as edibles and at the same time how to preserve them? And do it in a healthy and healthy environment with hygiene and safety guarantees?
This event will give the basic knowledge about the world of edible plants so that the participants can go out to look for them safely, learn to respect the natural environment where they live, learn how to identify them and also the main ways to use them in the kitchen and their conservation.

Participants will learn:
– Correctly identify the different species in the field using mainly the leaves, stems, flowers or bulbs (plants will be seen both from mountain meadows, Mediterranean forests and scrublands as well as from riverside environments).
– Differentiate the similar species and mainly the toxic species.
– The main utilities as edible plants.
– Its conservation.
– The main traditional utilities as well as the most innovative applications.

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