Cooperation, a cornerstone for climate change adaptation? – A conversation with Lorenzo Merotto.

Climate Talks – Episode 2.

This is the second episode of the series Climate Talks, a five-part documentary that aims at better understanding what it takes to adapt to climate change.

In it, we’ll discover how planning for climate change adaptation in the Protected Area also improved the relationship with local stakeholders. Working with fishermen and divers is now a key to successfully conserve marine habitats and adapt to climate change.

This episode is in Italian language with English subtitles.

“Climate change is an important topic locally. Our team has become a reference and a strong collaboration has developed with the community.”

Featuring in this film:

Lorenzo Merotto
Scientific collaborator
Area Marina Protetta di Portofino
& Member of the EUROPARC Task Force on Climate Change

Simone Gambazza
Cooperativa Pescatori Camogli

Bruno Borelli
Director,  Portofino Divers
President, Reef Alert Network

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