France – 24 May 2019 – Ecrins de nature

Ecrins de nature

Date and Time
Duration:24 hours
Organiser:Parc national des Ecrins


Ecrins de nature

"Ecrins de nature" in Vallouise, on the next May 24th…

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“Ecrins de nature” in Vallouise, on the next May 24th and 25th

Two days to discover the biodiversity: a special day will be organised for schools
and then another one for the general public, in connection with associations and the partners of the National park. What a beautiful event for nature!

From Friday, May 24th, you will have the chance to look at the stars, insects, and moths, listen to bats and all night sounds.
On Saturday, May 25th, naturalist associations, the partners of the event and the team of the National Park will encourage you to explore the local natural resources and share their discoveries with you.
Hikes in mountain and nature, land-art, exhibitions …

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