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What are Urban Greening Plans?

Reversing the loss of biodiversity and reaching the goals of the 2030 EU Biodiveresity Strategy requires a new approach to city planing. To support this process, Urban Greening Plans are a framework for municipalities and cities to bring nature (back) into cities. It provides urban areas with a tool to better understand, what they already have and what are the gaps that need to be filled to provide a better space for biodiversity. It is a step by step approach to reach better results for people and for nature.

An essential element of Urban Greening Plans is that they are a collaborative process.

A succesfull Plan is implemented together with citizens and other stakeholders, and takes on a cross-departmental appraoch to integrate urban greening with other aspects of urban development, from mobility and health, air and water, to energy and climate adaptation.Urban Greening Plan Guidance and Toolkit has been developed by the European Commission, in collaboration with ICLEI and Eurocities.

Listen to Philipp LaHaela, Senior Officer for Biodiversity and Green Infrastructure at ICLEI – European Secretariat, explain what Urban Greening Plans are in more detail:

EU strategy for Urban Greening Plans

 If you want to have a look at the Urban Greening Plan Guidance and Urban Greening Plan Toolkit, click on the “EU Platform” tab.