From left to right: Roger de Freitas, Paulo Castro, Enzo Lavarra, Nele Sober, Ignace Schops, LauraPeters, Pete Rawcliffe, Michael Hosek, Olaf Holm

The EUROPARC Council is elected every three years by the EUROPARC Federation’s General Assembly composed of our membership. Apart from the 6 members of Council and President directly elected by members, the Council invites up to 5 co-opted members who have an advisory role within the Council.

The new EUROPARC Council and President were elected at the General Assembly of the annual EUROPARC Conference 2017, hosted by ADRIMAG in the Magic Mountains Region, Sao Pedro do Sul, Portugal.

EUROPARC Council Members 2017-2020:

EUROPARC President

  • Ignace Schops (BE), Languages: Flemish, English, French, German

Elected members of the Council

Co-opted members

  • FEDENATUR representative: Marià Martí (ES)
  • Youth representative: Laura Peters (NL)
  • Sections representative: Marta Múgica (ES)
  • Pierre Schmelzle (FR)
  • Elke Baranek (DE)

Internal auditor

  •  Roger de Freitas (UK)