Nominations for the Alfred Toepfer Medal 2021

Erika Stanciu receiving the Medal at the 2014 Conference Ceremony in Hungary © Gábor Nagy

Annually, EUROPARC honors those who have made a significant contribution to nature conservation in Europe through an experienced body of work and life experience. The Alfred Toepfer Medal, named after the founder of the EUROPARC Federation, Dr h.c. Alfred Toepfer (1894-1993) is awarded at the Annual EUROPARC Conference. Nominated by EUROPARC members this gives an opportunity to the work done to be praised and valued by peers. 

Nominations for the Alfred Toepfer Medal

The winner is nominated by EUROPARC members and is selected by the Juri, comprised by EUROPARC Council members. Do you have someone in mind who you think deserves recognition for their dedication or achievements in the field of nature conservation and protected areas? Please consider nominating that person for the award.

If you need inspiration, discover here the holders of the Alfred Toepfer Medal.

Nominations can be done by any EUROPARC member before the 30th of July. 

Please use this online form to submit your nomination.