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Contact name

Nicolas Nederlandt

Institution name

Fedaration of walloon Nature Parks

Region & country

Wallonia - Belgium


The Natur’Accessible project, developed in and by Walloon Nature Parks, aims to develop discovery trails for Natura 2000 sites for people with disabilities. About eleven trails are therefore being developed according to the different types of handicap (blind, deaf, difficulty in understanding, etc.). The objective is to be able to make Natura 2000 sites accessible through suitable facilities.

Accessibility in Parks

Arnaud de Coster-Parc Naturel des Hautes Fagnes

Background of the project

Before this project, there were no such developments in all natural parks. Some natural parks had already worked on this subject, others not at all.

The need to enable people with physical or intellectual disabilities to also be able to enjoy nature and Natura 2000 sites in Wallonia.

Solution and actions taken

The need is not limited only to a Nature Park, the Federation of Nature Park of Wallonia has drawn up a project which would therefore cover all the walloon Nature Parks. After having collected three different sources of funding, the project was able to be set up thanks to the methodological support of a structure validating the accessibility of the trails to the public with a disability.

Organization of project design meetings, research for public and private funding, identification of Natura 2000 sites, contacts with the Walloon municipalities and departments of Forestry and Nature, identification of routes, establishment of adapted specifications, research of service providers, start-up of construction sites, reconnaissance of trails, promotion of the project.

Other institutions or parties involved

Region Wallonia, LiFE BNIP, Loterie Nationale, Access-I, …


The project is still underway but the very first trails are starting to be finalized and very well received by citizens, people with disabilities and municipalities.


The search for Natura 2000 sites that are suitable for conversion, especially with a low budget. The implementation timeframe because the providers were mostly all contacted at the same time and could not respond to all the requests.

Lessons learned

It is not always easy to comply with the technical requirements allowing access to trails designed for this type of public in the face of the situation on the ground. But with the right support, things are easier to imagine. It is also really important to have enough budget to give yourself the means to have a consistent project.

Contact name

Nicolas Nederlandt

Institution name

Fedaration of walloon Nature Parks



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