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Parco Nord Milano Velodrom: a Health- Cycle Racing Track

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Riccardo Gini

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Parco Nord Milano

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The Velodrome is an element for enhancing Park accessibility, combining aspects of natural landscape and social enjoyment.


Background of the project

The so-called Velodrome was born on the banks of the “overflow” basin, when the Seveso river grew to the point of “blowing up the manholes” at Bresso and old Milan-Bicocca. Opened in 2005, it has become one of the most “expected” and required sports facilities: a speed cycling track, an elliptical ring designed to accommodate ordinary citizens but also important sporting events. A space where cyclists can finally run, given that the park is not allowed to exceed 15 km / h

The proximity to the pedestrian walkway of via Berbera and that with the entrances of Bresso or Milan-via Arezzo, make the velodrome a really comfortable structure to reach. The whole area around the track is very accurate and very varied in its design; also thanks to this, although we are close to a very busy artery, the traffic is not perceived in the least. A little further on towards Bresso, one can see the naturalistic ponds, surrounded by greenery.

Solution and actions taken

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Conceived as a tank to allow the full floods of the river Seveso, and the reinstatement of the Breda Canal, the Velodrome is, on the one hand, a solution of hydraulic engineering and, on the other, a sports change thank to the 400 meters asphalt ring created for training on the banks of the overflow.


Lessons learned

Every year, the association dateciPista organizes a calendar of activities aimed at promoting the use of the bicycle: repair days, exchange and barter, bike exhibition, Formula 1 Grand Prix with pedals, fixed gear trials and many other activities.

Contact name

Riccardo Gini

Institution name

Parco Nord Milano


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