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When tourist businesses work together for sustainability. The example of Natural Regional Park of Livradois-Forez (Fr)

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Caroline Le Roy

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Natural regional Park of Livradois-Forez

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France - Auvergne


The French Regional Nature Park Livradois-Forez aims to “support tourist businesses and visitors through alternative and responsible actions and practices” in its strategy for sustainable tourism. It is the reason why the Park, since 2011, is engaged in the part 2 of the ECST (European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas) that recognises and assess businesses for their sustainability practices in Parks that have been awarded as Charter Areas.
Today, 50 different type of businesses are working with the French Regional Nature Park Livradois-Forez to develop and promote sustainable tourism. This network of businesses is called “Ladybirds of Livradois-Forez” and creates projects and activities to limit negative impacts and to contribute to a better management of their activities.


Jasserie du Coq Noir (august 2017)


Billom. The Auvergne Toscana’ route (August 2017)

Jean-Claude CORBEL

Béal summit (January 2018)

Caroline LE ROY

Croix de Barras (September 2017)

Background of the project

Before 2011, businesses didn’t work together in the area of the French Regional Nature Park Livradois-Forez. Since the creation of the network “Ladybirds of Livradois-Forez” under the umbrella of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas, some good initiatives and ideas rose. The Regional Nature Park Livradois-Forez organized different moments to talk about the future of tourism industry. What was an informal solidarity at the beginning, is currently being turned into commercial partnership.

The network “Ladybirds of Livradois-Forez” is now strong enough to develop sustainable projects, but the institutional context in France and the increase of competition between destinations could weaken the network. One of the biggest threat that was identified is the lack of budget and the stop of network’s coordination.

Solution and actions taken

Through the network “Ladybirds of Livradois-Forez” it was possible to professionalize businesses to work together without an institutional assistance.

The network “Ladybirds of Livradois-Forez” started to think about crowdfunding to fund tools and projects.

Other institutions or parties involved

The network “Ladybirds of Livradois-Forez” now works with different partners in case of the part 3 of the ECST (i.e. with travel agencies and tourist offices).


A strategic solution to promote the strengths of the Ladybirds’ network was found and it was validated with its partners. Today, 50 different type of businesses are working with the French Regional Nature Park Livradois-Forez to develop and promote sustainable tourism. This network includes:
Accommodations (B&B, cottages, hotels, holiday villages, campsites)
Heritage sites (museums, castles)
Natural sites (volcano, lake)
Outdoor activities (mountain bikes, treetop adventures, golf)

While activities that are in progress target tourist offices, travel agencies, + 15 new businesses.


The main problems that the network “Ladybirds of Livradois-Forez” had to face were the differences between businesses (e.g., size, economical approach, concurrence, etc.).

Lessons learned

The main lesson learned is that to create a solid, reliable and effective network it requires time, especially in a difficult public institution conditions.

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