Lokrum Reserve

A Taste of Lokrum, 23 – 25 May

“A taste of Lokrum” will be the main theme in the restaurants in the area of the Reserve during all three days. Besides, all community is invited to the exciting activities held in the Park: a market place with the nature products of Lokrum, the historical saltworks in the Reserve, the value of nature and the  agriculture tradition in  the Reserve.Logo food-01

Krka National Park

Krka Green Table, 24 May

The Krka Green Table is a new project with an exhibition and sales character, intended for the registered producers of local agricultural products and handicrafts within the wider area of Krka National Park. The general objective of the project is to improve cooperation with the Local population and promote the local products of Krka National Park. The specific objective of the project is to support the local population in the production and sale of its products.

Logo food-01