Environmental Board of Estonia

Hiking day in protected areas, 21-22 may

There are 20 walks in all over Estonia for wider public (adultsm families with kids).

Karula National Park

MAI, 21 – 22 May

One-time festival with good music, local food and workshops and lectures in Karula National Park.
Celebrating the warm and blooming spring, MAI is a family- and environment-friendly festival seeking to have an impact on both the cultural scene of Southern Estonia as well as the visitors, catering a unique experience and promoting the local natural and entrepreneurial setting.

MAI (‘May’ in Estonian) is a one-time location-based festival by the picturesque lake Ähijärv in Karula National Park in South Estonia. Starting at noon of the 21st of May, visitors will be treated to a fine selection of hikes both on foot and on bikes lead by local experts, inspiring environmental educational and cultural heritage workshops and lectures, great music, and superb seasonal food made from local produce, all handpicked to suit the location and the time of the year.
Among other parts of programme, food and quality cooking will be of great significance at MAI. A special ‘Tasting Nature’ tour, lead by a local horticulturist and gardening activist, will take guests for a walk by the lake, through the forest and to her gardens, focusing on edible plants both in the wild and in the beds. Throughout the festival a pop-up restaurant will be in charge of serving the guests to a tasty and healthy meal, lead by three sisters who are acknowledged as authorities of contemporary-traditional Estonian cooking. Ecologically grown seasonal local produce combined with an exquisitely clear and fresh taste palette create the centerpiece of their cuisine.

Tasting Session

european day of parks, europarcOur tasting session is a Nature Tasting tour through forest and meadow to the garden, guests can taste wild edible plants, for example oxalis, sorrel, primula, spruce etc and herbs in the garden.
In the pop-up restaurant guests can taste seasonal food – for example maple juice, primula tea and urticaceous soup. The Park is partnering with Kolme Sõsara Hõrgutised (Delicatessen of Three Sisters), local farmers. Kerti Vissel is one of three sisters who lead an enterprise Kolme Sõsara Hõrgutised (Delicatessen of Three Sisters). They use local seasonal fresh ingredients, as much as possible they grow themselves. Food is made with heart, love and passion  –  eaters recognize it!

Matsalu Nationa Park

Taste of Matsalu, 26 May

Matsalu organises with local produces a tasting session of herbal teas, in the centre of the National Park. Activities are open to all visitors and schools.

european day of parks, europarc