Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park

European Day of the Parks in Ylläslompolo Bird Watching Tower, 20 May

Birdwatching (nesting birds have just come north for nesting) with the famous ornithologist Jorma Halonen. Then, you can join us on a picnic with local master chef Jaana Sara. She and her family have a restaurant that is specialized in local products, wild food, herbs and game. We are going to get pancakes with fillings made of cloudberries and nettle.

Bird Watching Event in Yrjö Kokko, 24 May

Bird watching tower in Enontekiö, Hetta

Bird watching and spring, and the best picnic food for nature trips on these subarctic levels. Making fire is always essential and is the must to do -thing in field trips for locals. It makes spring feelings. It is so nice to make coffee and fry sausages on a fire while listening to the birds. There is still snow on the ground but there is hope for summer. Check the partners of this “Open fire picnic” .

European Day of Puthaanrannan at the bird watching tower in Muonio, 24 May

This event is targeted to schools and families in the village. It is located at the birdwatching tower nearby Muonio center. Some bird nests are going to be done as part of the “Million bird nets” campaign of the Finnish Public Broadcasting company YLE. During the birdwatching session, participants will try our special juice made of wild berries of Finnish Lapland, made by the students of the Lappia College.

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