Parc naturel régional du Pilat

Journée des abeilles, 21 May

In a day dedicated to the bees, Parc du Pilat shows visitors and families the hives installed in the garden and the participants will taste honey and other products from the hives. The event is organised in partnership with the local beekeepers.european day of parks, europarc

Parc naturel régional du Haut-Languedoc

Exchange market for gardeners and hay tasting syrup, 21 May

european day of parks, europarcThe park hosts an event where we invite all the local gardeners to exchange their seeds and some of their plants. At the end of the event, park proposes a tasting session of the local organic hay stack syrup,  made from the dried herbs coming from the flower meadows. The event is organised in partnership with the gardeners association network.

Parc naturel régional des Préalpes d’Azur

Fête de la Nature: Discovering landscapes of the Prealpes d’Azur in Cabris, 21 May

Come and discover the beautiful landscapes of the Prealpes d’Azur, a balcony upon the seaside, during a trek to the point of view called “Vigie de Cabris”. Also great opportunity to learn more about the diversity of landscapes and about the next photographic  observatory of the Parc Naturel Régional des Préalpes d’Azur

Fête de la Nature : sheperds and sheep’s protection in Cabris, 21 May

An exhibition and workshop to discover the day-to-day of shepherds and know more about shepherd dogs : how to react when you meet them? How to share the countryside for a better cohabitation?

Parc naturel régional Scarpe-Escaut

european day of parks, europarcScarpe-Escaut farmers market, 22 May

Fresh market with the freshest local products, will take place in DEFRANCE farm in Landas.

Taste the strawberries pie winner recipe, from 23 – 27 May

During the week of the European Day of Parks, go to local bakeries to taste the winner recipe of ‘the Strawberries pie competition’.

Local products menu at Amaury centre (for SCHOOLS), 24 May

On the European Day of Parks, Amaury centre in Hergnies will organise a special menu elaborated with local and seasonal products. Yummy !

Local products day in Autrement Bon catering (for FAMILIES), 24 May

Autrement Bon caterer in Millonfosse will organise an event to let you discover local products especially cheese, and a special menu elaborated with local and seasonal products.

Garden visit with “Du miel sur mes tartines association” (for FAMILIES), 24 May

For the European Day of Parks, let’s go to the garden and cook together what we will find there. Then, let’s share delicious local home-made food!

Special local menu in Hornaing dining hall (for SCHOOLS), 27 May

The European Day of Parks is the perfect opportunity to propose at Hornaing dining hall a special menu for children to taste all the local food that summer is providing to us!

Local products Day (for PROFESSIONALS), 30 May

All the tourism firms are going to visit Rieulay, a little town in Scarpe-Escaut regional park. They will discover birdwatching and will taste a some organic goat’s cheese with local honey. The perfect mix !

Parc naturel régional du Vercors

Workshop: “Une cuisine d’Inspiration”, 24 May

european day of parks, europarcVicent Grêlé, a renowned french Chef with great international experience, will lead a cooking workshop that will combine the high-quality regional products and wild plants from Vercors. Participants will be inspired to create delicious meals with seasonal products.

Parc naturel régional Avesnois

Organic Market at Louvignies-Quesnoy, 15 May from 9 a.m to 12.30

Market of local farmers at Le Quesnoy, 15 May from 8 a.m to 1 p.m

Organic Market of Landrecies, 20 May from 4 p.m to 10 p.m

Workshop: Apoti quoi ? Apothicaire! au Forum antique de Bavay, 25 May

Feel, guess, touch … just try this fragrance and discover the secrets and virtues of the Roman garden. Then, as the Gallo-Roman apothecary (seasonal pharmacy), go looking for medicinal plants and do your own prescriptions.

Market of local artisans of Hon Hergies, 27 May

Network  of the “Restaurateurs de l’Avesnois ®”, May and June

european day of parks, europarcSeveral restaurants have joined the Avesnois Regional Nature Park to build the network of “Restoration of Avesnois ®”. Proud of the culinary identity of our territory, they work and sublime local products in order to share the flavors of our region. Each network member restaurateur offers to enjoy a “Plate of Avesnois ®”. The main course, with a strong regional identity, consists of at least two local products from the territory of the Regional Natural Park of Avesnois.

Parc naturel régional de Camargue

Camargue Flavors, 27 May 5 p.m

european day of parks, europarcThe Camargue Regional Park has built an eco-building to accommodate local producers to promote and market their products. The “House of Camargue products” is also a place of entertainment and discovery of gastronomy based on local and seasonal products. A monthly entertainment is provided to allow the Camargue population and tourists to discover and taste cooked and processed before their eyes by a cook chef. Producers are also on hand to explain to the public their production. Workshops for children are also available.
The animation of 27 May 2016 will be focused around local meats: poultry, lamb, sheep, pigs and especially around the Camargue bull. The latter has a Protected Designation of Origin, which guarantees the quality of a local product. This designation celebrates in 2016 its 20th anniversary. For all these years, the Union defense and promotion of Meat “AOC Camargue Bull” work to promote a natural product and quality, from traditional own extensive farms in the Camargue denomination.  On the 27th, there will be a live show-cooking with Chef Roger Merlin from Cuistot (Conservatory of Camargue kitchens), followed by a tasting session of grilled local meats and especially Camargue bulls.

Parc naturel régional des Préalpes d’Azur

Rendez-vous du Parcc – the taste of flower meadows, 5 June

european day of parks, europarc“Les Rendez-vous du Parc” are a series of events conducted throughout all year, with the Park inhabitants as the main target, in this case families and adults. Every year a nationwide “competition” is held about “prairies fleuries” (meadows) to promote the best balance between agricultural and biodiversity. In order to promote good agricultural practices and the quality of the products coming from the meadows (honey, goat & sheep cheeses), the “Rendez-vous du Parc – Taste of the meadows” is a unique occasion to enjoy the beauty of the meadows, meet the people who are taking care of them, taste the products… and understand the link between biodiversity and agriculture.