Parque Regional el Valley Carrascoy

The 1st “Tapas” Route, 2 May to 5 June

european day of parks, europarcWill you join us for a culinary tour and taste several tapas inspired by our natural environment? In addition, we offer a small itinerary in nature that unites all points along the route, so you can rest stomach between cover and cover …

Exhibition Huerta Murciana, 2 May to 5 June

Exhibition with the work developed by the high school students of Instituto Alquibla de La Alberca, que nos acercará al mundo rural de la huerta murciana.

My recipes from Arboretrum, 21 May

european day of parks, europarcWe celebrate the European Day of Parks playing to be authentic cooker, in a fun way you will learn how to prepare several recipes with plant-based ingredients, besides enjoying the splendor of spring Arboretum Botanical Garden.

Espacio Inquietudes

Workshop: home canning, 7 May

Transforming fresh food preserves its wuality and enables us to enjoy them at any time of the year … filling up our storeroom! The course is a full day and very practical workshop, bringing theoretical aspects of learning through practice. The course fee is 60 € and includes the ingredients and you make jars for canning, a manual with recipes and theory, and lunch.

Parque Regional de Calblanque

Guided Tour, 14 May from 10 am to 3 pm

european day of parks, europarcA menu for the whole family,  a “rich, rich and meaningful”route. Discover the culinary uses of Calblanque’s plants  and take some home recipes for delicious dishes with the taste of nature.

Special activity: playing with the senses, 18 May from 10 – 12 am

We will hear the sounds of nature, observe its colors and learn to distinguish the different textures with a sensory journey through the surroundings of the CalblanqueRegional Park.

Parque Regional Sierra de Gredos

The taste of Gredos, 1 – 29 May

european day of parks, europarcThese menus will approach visitors to the park’s gastronomy, and in addition will be offered a free guided visit to the Park’s House.

Organic Market and Show-Cooking, 21 May and 28 May

Market with local producers and Show cooking in the Casa del Parque El Risquillo (21 May) and in Casa del Parque Pinos Cimeros (28 May). In Guisando (Ávila) in the market we can find the most representative products of the Park: cherries, beans, cider, figs, paprika, olive oil, chestnuts, cheese, honey, etc.

“From yesterday to today apple juice”, 29th May

Interpretive route and visit the Sidrería El Pomar. From 10 to 14 h. Price € 20 per person

Parque Nacional de Cabañeros

De la Raña a tu mesa“, 20-22 May

Organised by Ecologes: In a more interactive way, our breakfast will be offered to our guests with natural products and with the name “The frog at your table”, followed by excursion where we will discover where the frog is!

A Walk to remember, 24-25 May

european day of parks, europarcOrganised by Casa Rural Boquerón de Estena: 4×4 ride by P.N.Cabañeros to see the frog followed by a lunch at the Restaurant Boqueron de Estena. Visit the ballroom of the house and explanation of what was the sea floor 500 million years ago and the fossils left us ago. Hiking tour from the Boqueron de Estena with guide P.N. (If booked in advance), or free with the explanatory brochure P.N. and the Cottage, written by paleontologists who have made the study of P.N.Cabañeros.

Parc Natural de s’Albufera des Gra

Solar oven cooking: taste our recipes, 21 May

european day of parks, europarcDay cooking in the Natural Park of s’Albufera des Grau with pre-built solar ovens at a previous workshop. We will use local and organic products from farms in the Park. The menu will consist of vegetable quiche, Quinoa with vegetables, hummus with carrots, yogurt cake and chocolate cake, and will be lead by Alba García Gómez, who has over 6 years of experience cooking with solar ovens.

Centro de Educación Ambiental “El Águila”

Restauration of “Arroyo de la Oncalada“, 21 May

Activity for the whole family framed in programming the Environmental Education Center “The Eagle”, belonging to the Network of Centres of the Community of Madrid, within the line of action for the local regeneration of the region of the Western Sierra. The overall objective of this intervention is to restore a degraded area of the municipality, which has a high ecological value. Through a participatory approach involving local people in the design and implementation of recovery activities this space. The involvement of a group of volunteers in this project would support in the tasks and to increase motivation and involvement of the local population in the project. Among the actions more importance to be carried out in the stream of Oncalada is the recovery of olmeda resistant to disease Dutch elm disease or building areas for the recovery of the Iberian midwife toad species (Alytes cisternasil ), a species listed endangered species present in this stretch of the stream.

Associación Turistica Tablas de Daimiel

Tapas of Castilla La Mancha, 21-22 May

european day of parks, europarcTapas route with typical products of the region, conducted among several establishments, bars, restaurants and cafes in the town of Coldstream.

Parque Natural Sierra de Huétor

Workshop: Producing artisanal paper, 22 May

european day of parks, europarcA practical workshop to develop the manufacturing process of handmade paper from plant fibers existing in the Natural Park; in this case the dry needles of pine. Then there will be a lunch with local food. The activity is aimed at all audiences, provided they are of age.

Parques Naturales de Álava

Market of Local products, 22 May

Market Fair dedicated to local producers in the area of influence of the Natural Parks of Alava. Each participant will have a booth to publicize their products, linked to the conservation and socioeconomic development of each protected areas.

Parque Natural Sierra Mágina (Jaén)

Workshop “a taste of Nature”, 22 May

In this workshop you will know the fruits of spring and learn useful techniques for the preparation of various traditional local recipes such as jams, fruit or liqueurs maceration.

Parque Nacional y Parque Natural de Sierra Nevada

Tasting Sierra Nevada, 24 May

european day of parks, europarcThe activity will start with a talk about landscape, food and health and will be followed by a guided tour in the GR-7 Pitres – Huerta Ecologica Modesto (Busquistar) and the garden of Modesto. The activity will culminate in a lunch prepared by José María Manrique and Raquel Alvarez, cook and chef of Restaurant Ruta del Mulhacen, Gastronomic Interpretation Center of the Alpujarras.

Centro de Educación Ambiental El Campillo

Wine, Cheese and Gofio Tasting, 24 may

european day of parks, europarcVisit the last remaining water gofio mill in La Gomera. Taste the flavors of La Gomera through it’s oldest food, the Gofio. We tell you a story that begun with the aborigines and continued with the arrival of the first Spaniards on their Conquest.

Parque Natural Montes Obarenes-San Zadornil

What is the taste of The Green Metrópoli?, 24 May

european day of parks, europarcA show cooking and tasting session in the middle of the nature with a great chef – Paul Larruskain. The chef will cook a traditional recipe with a special mushroom that grows in the natural park in spring – Calocybe gambosa  – which has a special taste, highly appreciated.

Consejería de Medio Rural, Pesca y Alimentación del Gobierno de Cantabria

Cantabria Natural Quality, 24 May

european day of parks, europarcGuided walk in Parque Natural de las Marismas de Santoña, Victoria y Joyel (about 3 hours) Visitor Centre included. Show cooking at Restaurante El Pescador (Laredo) for 60 people (about 2 hours), prepared by the students of Escuela de Hosteleria Fuente Fresnedo (Laredo).

Parque Natural Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche

Mountain route by train, 24 May

european day of parks, europarcDuring the route participants will discover the Dehesa and the importance of this in the breeding of the Iberian pig, will visit a factory to know the whole process of Iberian pork products to consumption and will taste some of the star products such as “caña de lomo” and Jabugo ham “jamón de Jabugo”.

 Centro de Naturaleza Cerro Negrillo

In the heart of the Park Sierra Norte, 28-29 May

european day of parks, europarcDifferent activities will take place within the park to get a better understanding of the importance of the Mediterranean parks and biodiversity. Among the activities, there will be the chance to try some of the best flavours of the region: wines, pork, wild boar and cheeses all produced in the Natural Park of the Sierra Norte.

Zona volcánica de la Garrotxa

GPS: Rius de lava, 29 May from 9 am to 3 pm

One of La Garrotxa familiar excursions for excellence. We can visit the two principals areas to see visiting the Park of Volcanic Zone of the La Garrotxa: the beech of Jordà and the volcano Croscat.

Parque Regional de Sierra Espuña

Taste the nature products of the organic gardens of Alhama de Murcia, 29 May

european day of parks, europarcWith the cooperation of the City of Alhama de Murcia and the Association La Almajara, in this activity participants will learn about the seasonal vegetables, the scents of the garden and will have some surprises…!

Exhibition “Sierra de Espuna and its Traditions”, 1-31 May

This exhibition retrieves and displays, through twelve panels, traditions and lifestyles of the ancient people from Sierra Espuña. You can know their traditions, cultural values and some curious aspects of its cuisine, traditional rites and superstitions!

Colonias de Cernícalo Primilla de Trujillo

Festival of Landscapes and Gardens of Trujillo, 5-9 May

Festival that brings together various initiatives to promote recovery , conservation , enhancement and enjoyment of the landscape heritage of Trujillo.

Reserva de la Biosfera Sierra del Rincón

II Fair of Tapas in the Reserve, all weekends of June

european day of parks, europarcTapas Fair Rincon is based on the concept of Slow Food and Kilometer Zero and aims to create partnerships between local producers and restaurants of the Biosphere Reserve. People who come to taste and enjoy the tapas will be provided a passport to be sealed in establishments consume, participants who meet the requirements will be awarded.

Photo contest “A taste of Nature”, 1 June to 31 August

Cookbook of the Reserve, 1 – 31 December

The project “Recipes Biosphere Reserve Sierra del Rincón” is collection of traditional recipes from the five municipalities that make up the reserve. The recipes will be transmitted to Team SRBR by people
local living in the territory. All recipes have in common that are used for processing local products Biosphere Reserve Sierra del Rincón.