Climate Change Adaptation in Europe’s Living Landscapes

Climate Change Adaptation in Europe’s Living Landscapes

Practical Examples from the Nature Regional Landscape Parks of Europe

Climate change, biodiversity loss and habitat degradation are major threats to life on earth. These global challenges must be addressed through international cooperation and joint action. In this webinar, organised by the EUROPARC’s Taskforce for NRL Parks, we looked into successful climate change adaptation and mitigation measures implemented in Nature Parks across Europe.

During the webinar, the NRL Taskforce publicly launched their Climate Change Declaration, which was signed by Taskforce members during the annual EUROPARC Conference this year. With this declaration, Nature Regional Landscape Parks across Europe unite with the common goal of conserving and restoring nature and protecting our climate.

Join the call for action NOW and sign the Declaration!

Declaration on Climate Change

Practical adaptation measures showcased in the webinar included the example of habitat restoration with a specific focus on peatlands in the Forest of Bowland in National Landscapes, England, learned from the agricultural and tourist projects in the Black Forest in Germany and looked into the Climate Pact established in Luxembourg.

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Webinar Programme and Presentations

Welcome and Facilitation
Marit Schnepf, Project Manager of NaturaConnect and support to the NRL Taskforce, EUROPAC Federation.

Nature Regional Landscape Parks across Europe
Kristian Bjørnstad, Director of Norske Park in Norway and head of EUROPARCs NRL Taskforce.

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Declaration on Climate Change. If not now, then when? If not us, then who?
Nina Zitz, Verband der Naturparke Österreichs.

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Addressing climate change through habitat restoration in the forest of Bowland Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)
Elliott Lorimer, AONB Partnership Manager, Forest of Bowland Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

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Climate change adaptation across the touristic and agricultural sectors
Matthias Goerres, Coordinator of Ecosystem Restoration / Natural Climate Mitigation projects in Nature Regional Landscape Parks in Germany.

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The Climate Pact in Luxembourg and its implementation in the member municipalities of the Nature Park Our
Simone Zanter, Deputy Director of the Nature Park Our, Luxembourg and Fabian Heinzius, climate consultant for the municipalities.

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Get to know the speakers


Elliott Lorimer

Elliott has been the Partnership Manager for the Forest of Bowland AONB since 2011 and has recently been appointed as a trustee for the National Association of AONBs. He is trained in both environmental science and rural and regional resources planning and has worked in wider landscape, conservation and rural development roles in Scotland and England for over 20 years.

Matthias Goerres

As a graduate environmental manager and geographer, he spent extended periods abroad on five continents with work experience in international cooperation (GIZ, UN). Until 2023, Matthias advised the German government on freshwater biodiversity and nature-based solutions. He previously worked on marine and coastal conservation in civil society (Friends of the Earth Germany), research (e.g., Senckenberg, IGB) and the private sector (Coastal Research & Management).


Simone Zanter
Simone has been working as a project manager at the Nature Park Our in Luxembourg for six years. Since 2022, she has been deputy director and is in charge of sustainable tourism projects, international cooperation and general coordination and management tasks. Simone will be joined by Fabian Heinzius works as a climate consultant for our municipalities and takes on the management of other climate-related projects at Nature Park Our.