Young People creating a Just Transition in Rural Areas – an EU Green Week Partner Event

For EU Green Week, EUROPARC wants to highlight what young people in rural areas are already doing in the fields of biodiversity, climate and agriculture to bring about a just transition to a sustainable future.

Young People creating a Just Transition in Rural Areas – an EU Green Week Partner Event

  • 06.06, from 17:00 – 18:30 CET

Many young people who live in rural areas in and around Protected Areas feel they have no choice but to leave their homes to study and work elsewhere to gain the skills they need. With living costs being high, little to no public transport and a lack of entry level jobs or affordable housing, they have little incentive to return to their childhood communities upon graduating.

In this event we showcased how young people are, despite these challenges, are currently contributing to sustainable development in rural areas, to build a better future for the next generations.

The EUROPARC Junior Rangers programme delves into young people as active nature conservationists, the YEE co-led project EU Teens4Green centres around youth-led projects for a just transition in coal-dependent areas across the EU and the RYEurope project, COCOREADO, looks at rebalancing the role of farmers through the transition to a more sustainable food supply system.

Outcomes – Young People creating a just transition in rural areas

Webinar Programme

Welcome and Introduction

Sharing our Stories
EUROPARC, YEE and RYEurope share stories from their projects


Intergenerational Experience Sharing
Discussions with a decision-maker


Oportunities to get involved
Raising awareness about opportunities for rural youth


The webinar will last 1.5 hours

About the speakers


EUROPARC Federation
EUROPARC is committed to involving young people in Protected Areas through their Junior Ranger and Youth+ programmes. The implementation of the EUROPARC Youth Manifesto has also let to youth committees and young people represented in Protected Area management authority boards.

Youth and Environment Europe (YEE)
YEE believe in the essential role of young people in solving the climate crisis and achieving a socially fair inter-generational transition that leaves no one behind. This is accomplished through raising awareness, enhancing international cooperation and strengthening youth participation.

Rural Youth Europe (RYEurope)
RYEurope was established in 1957 and functions as an umbrella for youth organisations working to promote and activate young people in the countryside. It provides international training possibilities and works as an intermediary between national organisations, youth organisations and public institutions on an European level.