European Day of Parks 2015

Nature is our Business

On European Day of Parks 2015, we showed that Nature is our Business. The nature we have in our care, is valuable in its own right, but needed for business and communities too. In 23 countries across Europe on Sunday, 24th May, national parks, nature reserves and other Protected Areas opened their doors to visitors on the European Day of Parks 2015. More than 80 Protected Areas celebrated and raised the value and benefits of Nature, and hundreds of special activities demonstrated how Nature is good for business. From Poland to Italy and from Finland to France around this one day, thousands of people shared their love of nature and the local culture.

You could see a special natural market place, showcasing all local products, or joint promotions with sustainable businesses. Nature guiding and nature watching were also highlighted.

This year, once again, this special event in Europe has been an amazingly successful day and we are glad and impressed that so many members celebrated this day with a wonderful range of activities. More than 100 Protected Areas promoted the day, which aims at being internationally recognized in 2014 for the sake of protected areas´ status in European societies.