Sustainable Tourism Training for Tomorrow

EUROPARC was a partner in this Erasmus+ project that focussed on the future of Sustainable Tourism and ran from 2018 to 2021.

Building managers and stakeholder’s capacities on Sustainable Tourism

For more than twenty years, through the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas, the EUROPARC Federation has guided Park managers and stakeholders in the process of developing Sustainable Tourism practices.

Additionally, through its involvement in the project Erasmus + Sustainable Tourism Training for Tomorrow coordinated by Hasselt University, we have contributed to build the capacity of those stakeholders and Protected Area managers that have an interest on this matter or were in the process of deploying sustainable tourism strategies in their Parks.

The result of this joint effort is the creation of different training resources on Sustainable Tourism that we are pleased to offer today to anybody with an interest in this area. From park managers, to members of the local community, businesses, tour operators and other stakeholders influenced by management decisions, building your capacity on sustainable tourism serves two main purposes. On the one hand, you will gain the skills to join our common goal of protecting nature and improving tourism experiences so local communities can prosper along with the arrival of visitors. On the other hand, it will allow you to build fruitful relationships with other actors of your Park and your community in order to assess which decisions can better suit everybody’s needs.

Discover the training platform here!

You can find all information on this project, including the specially produced toolkit, on our website here.