Managing Parks & People

Mountains reflections in water, Rondane National Park (NO) © Pål Hermansen

Europe’s natural heritage is a myriad of habitats, landscapes and ecosystems, sculpted by nature, shaped by man.

Europe’s natural heritage knows no boundaries: therefore, in order to sustainably and effectively manage these natural resources, EUROPARC believes that the future protection and conservation of nature and landscapes is best achieved through networking and cooperation bringing mutual understanding, shared experiences, knowledge and innovation in policy and practice of Protected Area management.

Protected Areas are one of the main pillars of the future protection and wise use of our natural and cultural resources. On our crowded continent, Protected Areas are more valuable than ever as repositories for nature, sanctuaries for human well-being and drivers for sustainable economic growth. Collectively, these areas provide Europe’s ecological life support systems.

Here you will find information about our members who manage Europe’s Protected Areas, they cover almost every regional, national, European and international designations, such as national parks, nature parks, Natura 2000 sites regional parks, biosphere reserves, Ramsar sites, geoparks, world heritage sites and many more.

EUROPARC provides a forum to share professional experience, collaborate on technical projects and progress common aims.

You can find out more about our members and Protected Areas in general in our library.

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