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International Junior Ranger camp 2016

The EUROPARC International Junior Ranger Camp – Register now!

The 2023 International Junior Ranger Camp will be held in Frederikshavn, Denmark, from the 7 – 14 July 2023

The upcoming International Junior Ranger Camp will take place at the northern-most part of Denmark, hosted by the Frederikshavn Kommune which manage several conservation areas. It is the meeting point for the Baltic and the Northern Sea and has strong cultural ties to the ocean.

Each Protected Area with a EUROPARC registered Junior Ranger programme, is encouraged to select two Junior Rangers between the ages of 14 – 17 years old (at the time the Camp takes place) and to send them, together with an active mentor or ranger, to the International Junior Ranger Camp.

We will be accepting applications on a first come first served basis. The first two Protected Areas per country will be automatically approved, with additional applications provisionally accepted based on available spots at the end of the registration process.

Applications are now open – the deadline is the 17th March!

Check out the 2023 International Junior Ranger Camp Brochure to share with staff and parents: PDF

Download the application form here:  PDF
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Download the information pack for mentors here: PDF

The pathway to participation follows the following steps from left to right:

1 - Select the two Junior Ranger attendees, 2 - Complete application form, send it by email & post, 3 - Confirmation from EUROPARC, 4 - Send additional info (food, travel, clothing size) & prepare homework, 5 - Have fun at the camp!

About the International Junior Ranger Camp

The International Junior Ranger Camp is a motivational and eye-opening experience for many young people across the continent. Here, they have the opportunity to make friends from across Europe who share a passion for nature and are involved in local Protected Areas. The camp has a full programme including nature conservation, environmental issues, and cultural heritage. Young people will discover a new Protected Area, be given responsibility to represent their park and their country, as well as contribute to the conservation of another Protected Area in a different part of Europe.

The camp enables EUROPARC to show how nature knows no boundaries across Europe and through cultural exchange to highlight the value of good citizenship, how we are all part of nature and how we can look after it for current and future generations.

The principles of a EUROPARC International Junior Ranger Camp are:

  • Experiential, practical, fun, safe and inspirational activities in Protected Areas, and managed by Rangers, “learning by doing”;
  • A non discriminatory programme, which requires a professional approach and high quality standards;
  • Promotes international exchange to develop positive, cooperative and social skills, and to encourage the active citizenship of youth;
  • Enhance connections between EUROPARC Protected Areas and  young people;
  • Develop cooperation between Rangers, Parks, and EUROPARC.

More details can be found in our brochure – Young people in Europe’s Protected Areas – Download it here!

Here is a fun video from the International Junior Ranger Camp 2016 which gives you an example of what these camps are like:

The International Junior Ranger Camp also offers an opportunity for Rangers and mentors, who accompany their young charges, to exchange ideas and experiences with colleagues from across Europe, assisting in developing new skills in Ranger staff. We are keen to link the work of Ranger Services across Europe, in particular through our partnership with the International Ranger Federation.

For more information on the Junior Ranger programme and Junior Ranger Camp Reports, take a look to our Library.

Hosting an International Junior Ranger Camp

If you are interested in hosting a Camp, please reach out to the EUROPARC youth officer at least 1 year ahead. International Junior Ranger Camps are co-organised between the host and EUROPARC to ensure a mix of local and international experiences.

The host is expected to cover the costs of the camp and all activities for 50 participants. Participants are expected to finance their own travel costs to and from the location.

Alternative options for hosting exchanges:

  • National Junior Ranger Camps
  • Regional Junior Ranger Camps/Seminars
  • Youth+ Camps
  • Youth Council workshops
  • International Youth Volunteer Internships

For any inquiries, please contact the EUROPARC Youth Officer

Details from previous International Junior Ranger Camps are available below: