Keynote Speakers

Experts from the field of communication will help connect the environmental and communication worlds. 

Professor Noelle Aarts

Noelle Aarts is a professor of Socio-Ecological Interactions and director of the Institute for Science in Society (ISiS) at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. Her research focuses on interactional processes for creating space for change towards socio-ecological transformations. Her aim is to develop insights into the interplay between everyday conversations and wider structures and developments in society.

During her keynote address, she will reflect on conversations that take place in multi-stakeholder collaboration processes. Often, these conservations result in an even bigger distance between opponents instead of being constructive. Noelle will explain why these conversations are so difficult and how we can improve them.

Noelle Aarts will speak on Tuesday morning through a livestream.

Milja Vuković

Milja Vuković is an art historian and environmental activist. She founded the regional ecological platform “Blue and Green”, which consists of Wild Belgrade & For less garbage and more happiness – Zero and Low Waste Serbia. She’s driven by the understanding how we as individuals and as a community can deepen our relation with the natural world and develop meaningful regenerative practices. Milja will speak about the challenges and opportunities of ecological communication in the current time of ecological crisis. How can we question our habits and create new ways of conveying inciting messages? Or as she puts it: ‘Words create worlds’ – so with the help of oaks, rain and blackbirds let’s weave threads of new, transformational green stories”.

Milja will speak live on stage Wednesday morning.

Mary Alice Arthur

Our stories, like our Protected Areas, are places where we can meet, gain a new understanding of each other and the wider world, and experience once again how we are intrinsically connected.

– Mary Alice Arthur is a Story Activist, using story practice for positive systemic shift and an internationally recognised process host. As an Art of Hosting steward, she teaches participatory process and works with organisations and groups all over the world. She is the author of 365 ALIVE! Find your voice. Claim your story. Live your brilliant life and hosts THE STORY DOJO, an online community focused on the power and practice of story. She is a co-creator of Collective Story Harvest. The stories we tell ourselves and each other not only make sense and meaning of the world, but also determine our agency. In her keynote we will explore how our stories from the past can meet a vastly different future and how they can continue to hold up and strengthen our work. Participants won’t just be listening, Mary Alice will prepare an interactive and storied experience.

Matthias Schickhofer

Matthias Schickhofer is a conservationist, strategy consultant, campaigner, author, photographer and journalist. He cooperates with NGOs such as EuroNatur, WWF or Vier Pfoten on a range of different projects & campaigns. He also develops nature tourism projects (Bear Trail, Iseltrail, Waldviertel nature experience). In his keynote address Matthias will look at the challenging times we are currently living in, where wealth seems to be put over nature. How can we stop from being discouraged? How do we regain optimism and energy for positive change? How do we regain optimism and energy for positive change? Join the Conference and find out!

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