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2012 EUROPARC Conference Logo

2012 EUROPARC Conference Logo

Reconnecting society and biodiversity

The 2012 Annual EUROPARC Conference was held from October 22nd until 25th 2012 in the Kempen and Maasland Regional Landscape in Genk, Belgium. The Protected Area encompasses Belgium’s only national park, Hoge Kempen, as well as the nature parks GrensPark Kempen-Broek and RivierPark Maasvallei.

The theme of this Conference was ‘(RE)CONNECTING’: (Re)connecting nature with nature; people with nature; business with biodiversity; and policy with practice. In other words: (re)connecting society with biodiversity.

Video shared by Regionaal Landschap KM

Please find here the main Conference documents:

General Assembly documents

Plenary session presentations

Workshop presentations

You can also download below the 2012 EUROPARC Conference Report.

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