2012 International Junior Ranger Camp

Team building exercise at International Junior Ranger Camp 2012, Triglav National Park (SI) © EUROPARC Federation

The international camp 2012: a fantastic success! 

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The 2012 International Camp took place in the Triglav National Park, where Junior Rangers were celebrating their 10th birthday, as they have been one of the pioneer of the EUROPARC JR programme, which was launched in 2002!

For the first time, the camp was organised as part of a transboundary cooperation project between two parks: while most of the activities took place in the Triglav National Park (Slovenia), we also had plenty of time to visit and discover the Prealpi Giulie Natural Park (Italy).


Triglav NP is a mountainous, alpine park so hiking has been fundamental part of the programme. But we had also time for cycling and swimming, and to do a lot of other wonderful and funny activities. We discovered the Triglav and Prealpi parks, work with their rangers, particularly looking at park panels and information boards, sharing experiences from all over Europe.

Camp title: “PATH-FINDER: find your way through park information”

What do the Junior Ranger think about park communication? Which are the suggestions and inputs they can give to improve it?

During the camp we tried to discover how parks communicate with youth, and what do the youth understand… We found our way trough all the park messages! and also asked the visitors with specific questionnaires.