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EUROPARC Federation currently represents 365 members. These include protected areas, governmental departments, NGO's and businesses in 36 countries, who themselves manage the green jewels of Europe's land, sea, mountains, forests, rivers and cultural heritage. Nature knows no boundaries and we therefore facilitate international co-operation in all aspects of protected area management to further and improve and conserve our shared natural inheritance. We endeavour to exchange expertise, experience and best practise as well as to collaborate with others to ensure the value and meaning of protected areas is at the heart of Europe.

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Promise of Sydney



Back home. Over the past two weeks, over 6000 participants celebrated an enormous variety of inspiring ways of addressing the challenges facing the planet, through protected area approaches that respect and conserve nature, while benefitting human health and prosperity. Together with our members, the EU and European partners we were able to showcase our work and got inspired of so many good practices for protected areas from across the world. The European approach, the EU policy & Natura 2000 Network and the work & projects of EUROPARC Federation are often used as best practice and inspired other regions.

Protected areas are a key to our biodiversity future and provide hope for a protected planet. Well-managed protected areas not only conserve nature, but provide a wealth of essential ecosystem services that benefit communities and provide solutions to global challenges such as water provision, food security, human health and welfare, disaster risk reduction and climate change. The IUCN Green List of protected areas is a new global initiative that celebrates the success of effective protected areas, and encourages the sharing of that success so that other protected areas can also reach high standards. More effective protected areas lead to greater benefits for humans and nature.

Among the global champions, several European protected areas were adopted on the IUCN Green list. On behalf of EUROPARC Federation I would like to congratulate them all for their hard work!

Italy  - Gran Paradiso National Park
Spain - Doñana Natural Space
Spain - Espacio Natural de Sierra Nevada
France - Natural Marine Park of Iroise
France - Pyrénées National Park
France - Marine natural reserve of Cerbère-Banyuls
France - Sensitive Natural Area "Marais d’Episy"
France  - (Overseas territory) Guadeloupe National Park

There were several highlights at the World Parks Congress, as the result of 8 streams and 4 crossing themes. Climate Change will affect everyone and every place on earth! Climate Change and global warming will affect protected areas and are drivers for an accelerating decline of biodiversity. The Climate COP in Paris next year will be making of braking. A strong message will be sent to the Heads of State and the negotiators.

Good news! Large Marine and terrestrial protected areas were established. As we all know, healthy oceans are critical to life on earth and must be protected at much greater scale. The integration with society was celebrated, including the increasing role of indigenous people. Protected areas can play a crucial role now and in the future! It is our life-line. Jonathan Patz of the Global Health Institute stated: “Conservation and Protected Areas management will save more lives and combat disease than the efforts of the Health Sector”.  The integration with society is so crucial and we need to learn to communicate better. Because there is so much more to win. Bill Jackson, Chief Executive of Parks Victoria was very convincing: “we have to unlock the value of parks and protected areas for health and well-being while conserving biodiversity. In other words: Healthy Parks, Healthy People”.

There was a very special place for rangers and young people. Sean Willmore, President of the International Rangers Federation, gave the floor to the rangers to tell their stories. Respect! Over the course of the congress 9 rangers were killed. Rangers who gave their life, fighting for the protection of wildlife. Julia Marton-Lefèvre, Director-General of IUCN, rightfully asked a moment of silence as a tribute to all the rangers…So emotional, but even so energizing!   

Young people were given the stage several times. Luvuyu Mandela, the great grandson of the great Nelson Mandela was inspiring in his presentations and at least I was very impressed and empowered by the young people at the closing plenary session. Yes, they are the future!

I would like to thank the EU, WCPA, IUCN, partners, participants and members of EUROPARC Federation for their expertise, professionalism, participation, enthusiasm and friendship during the past two weeks. You were outstanding!

Little Sydney
The splendid work during World Parks Congress led to the Promise of Sydney. The WCPA-Europe and several European partners – including EUROPARC Federation - made an extra promise … and will organise “Little Sydney” in Austria in the last week of May 2015. We will invite you soon to contribute, learn, incorporate and work on the promise of Sydney in Europe.

Think globally, act locally and change personally!

Ignace Schops


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