Webinar: Building partnerships with farmers 2017

Protected Areas for Sustainable Agriculture: building partnerships with farmers


In Europe, agriculture and cattle breeding are fundamental for many Protected Areas. Indeed, the protection of some specific landscapes, habitats and species depends on farming activities. Agriculture builds up the identity of local communities with tastes and long-lasting traditions, promoting cultural heritage and social cohesion. In some areas, farming activities are essential for the local economy, and are interconnected with tourism and other economic sectors.

Nevertheless, without environment-friendly practices, agriculture and cattle breeding can have huge negative impacts, dramatically contributing to biodiversity loss, impoverishment of soils and erosion, depletion and contamination of water and air pollution – affecting nature and human well-being. Hence, to build alliances and mutual understanding with farmers is crucial for many Protected Areas managers.

The webinar was introduced by Stefania Petrosillo, Policy Officer at EUROPARC, who introduced the importance of innovative agricultural practices for sustainable production and consumption, where wealth can be created without harming the environment. Protected Areas play a crucial role in promoting green economy, encouraging food production that respects biodiversity, water, soil and landscapes, but also maintains cultural identity and traditional products. Finally, Stefania introduced the latest developments from Brussels regarding the CAP reform.


Sustainable Agriculture in Protected Areas: Key starting points, by Stefania Petrosillo

Case Study 1: Promoting open spaces with farmers in a forest park, as means to increase biodiversity, by Seán Cahill and Joan Vilamú, Serra de Collserola Nature Park, Catalonia

Case Study 2: Food de-mediation and multi-functionality in a periurban park, by Paolo Bolzacchin and Alessandro Cecchini, Slow  Food Lombardia

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