Large-scale nature restoration, a solution to tackle climate change? – A conversation with Jeremy Roberts

Climate Talks – Episode 5.

This is the fifth episode of the series Climate Talks, a five-part documentary that aims at better understanding what it takes to adapt to climate change.

In this final episode, we’ll discover how partnership of 4 land managers developed a 200-year restoration vision. They collaboratively restore forests, peatlands, rivers and floodplains over 600 km2 in the heart of Scotland. By looking over the fence, they are achieving something that is greater than the sum of its parts to benefit nature, climate and people.

This episode is in English language with English subtitles.

At this scale and over this period and in partnership, we can increase the adaptive capacity of the environment here. That means more resilience and more robustness to face climate change” – Jeremy Roberts.

Featuring in this film:

Jeremy Roberts
Program Manager
Cairngorms Connect

Sarah White
Community Ranger
RSPB Abernethy

Jack Ward
Deer Stalker
Cairngorms Connect

Sydney Henderson
Communications and Involvement Manager
Cairngorms Connect

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