Integrated regional governance, a key to climate change resilience? – A conversation with Ainhize Bútron

Climate Talks – Episode 4.

This is the fourth episode of the series Climate Talks, a five-part documentary that aims at better understanding what it takes to adapt to climate change.

In this episode, we’ll discover how the regional government of the Basque Country is integrating climate change adaptation and biodiversity conservation in its policies to develop the resilience of the region.

This episode is in Basque and Spanish language with English subtitles.

Our perspective needs to change. Climate change and biodiversity loss are global challenges. We must have a global, comprehensive and long-term vision to tackle them – Ainhize Bútron.

Featuring in this film:

Ainhize Butron Mota
Climate Action
Ihobe, The Basque Environmental Agency
& Member of the EUROPARC Task Force on Climate Change

Adolfo Uriarte
Director of Natural Heritage and Climate Change
Basque Government

Amaia Barredo Martín
Deputy Minister of Environmental Sustainability
Department of Economic Development and Environment
Basque Government

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