Spain – 27 May 2018 – Homemade brewing course

Homemade brewing course

Date and Time
Duration:7 hours
Organiser:Espacio Inquietudes
Plaza Marqués de Lozoya, 10 - Lozoya (Madrid)


Homemade brewing course

Learn how to make your own craft beer. During the…

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Learn how to make your own craft beer. During the course we will elaborate batches using different malts, hops, yeast and adjuncts for each of them … besides water, which is 95% of a beer. The lots will be of different sizes so that when you make your own craft beer at home you can adapt to the size of your kitchen, the utensils and pot / s that you have at your disposal, and the production you want to obtain. We will use both malts in grain (processing all grain) and malt extract powder (for faster processing). Indications will also be given for the preparation of beers from liquid malt extracts.
The price of the course is € 60 and includes liter and a half of bottled beer that day and another liter and a half of which we prepare during the course (you can not take this on the day you have to ferment). It also includes a guide with everything done during the course (not to miss and that you can make notes about it without having to write down everything) and lunch.

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