Italy – 22 May 2023 – Respiro 23 – Arte nell’aria del Bosco

Respiro 23 – Arte nell’aria del Bosco

Date and Time
Duration:5 hours
Organiser:Associazione Culturale Feronia / Riserva Naturale Monti Livornesi
Azienda Agricola Alberelli, 63 57016 Nibbiaia (LI)


Respiro 23 – Arte nell’aria del Bosco

Respiro 23 - Arte nell'aria del Bosco has reached its…

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Respiro 23 – Arte nell’aria del Bosco has reached its III edition.

It is created by the local “Cultural Association Feronia” which aims to promote and enhance protected areas.

The event is an art exhibition in the woods, created from the idea of highlighting the union of Nature and Art.

The works were created by each artist present (this year they will be 28) thinking both of the place, the forest, and of the theme announced every year by the EUROPARC Federation on the occasion of the EDoP.

The event takes place in a wood in the Monti Livornesi Nature Reserve, with the aim of promoting it, enhancing it and making it usable to anyone who approaches it, with no age limit.

The event will be open from 22th of May until 4th of June 2023. Follow the Instagram channel for more info: @respiro_artenellariadelbosco

Upon reservation:
+39 338 8281 256
+39 346 2412 422

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