Previous Siggen Seminars

2019 Youth Involvement in Protected Areas

Between the 18-21st March, 19 participants from 10 countries representing protected areas, regional and logal authorities, environment NGOs and youth gathered in Gut Siggen. In 2019, following the launch of the EUROPARC Youth Manifesto, the seminar focused on youth involvement in Parks. Young people are the future of Protected Areas in Europe, but trying to get young people interested in the environment can be difficult as it involves changing perceptions and attitudes – something that requires a lot of time and effort. What are the needs and expectation of Young people? And how can Protected Areas address them?

Download the report.

2018 Interpreting Heritage as a part of our cultural identity

As a celebration of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, EUROPARC and Interpret Europe joined forces in 2018 to work on the connection between Europe’s Natural Heritage and Cultural Identity. Both organisations shared the same view: through good interpretation, tourist guides in the cultural and natural sector, have a great chance to enhance the feeling of connection between the landscape, and our shared culture and history. After a successful webinar on cultural heritage interpretation, EUROPARC invited Interpret Europe to co-lead Siggen Seminar 2018. During the Seminar, 26 participants from 14 countries gathered for an intense 3 days-workshop where they’ve put the interpretative heads to work on how Protected Areas can better tell the Story of their landscape.

2017 Protected Areas for Sustainable Agriculture

In 2017, we focused on the topic Sustainable Agriculture in and around Protected Areas”, one of the Federation’s Strategic Theme (see EUROPARC Strategy 2015-2021). 20 participants from 10 countries have joined the Seminar, including representatives from different EUROPARC Sections and from 2 NGOs working in the field of Sustainable Agriculture. Download the report.

2016 Verifiers Training for the European  Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas.

In 2016, following the updates on the Charter methodology – which included a revised structure of the Charter, with new principles and key topics – EUROPARC organised a new training for Verifiers in November. 20 participants learned about the Charter Process and worked through the new materials.

2015 N2000 from Designation to Implementation

In 2015, the seminar focused on Protected Areas and their role in the management of N2000 sites.  In particular participants looked, from a management perspective, at the implementation problems and successes of the Habitats and Birds Directives in order to contribute to the current European Commission Fitness Check on EU Nature Legislation.

The outcomes of previous Siggen seminars are made available to all members. For details of previous seminars please follow the links below:

2014: Successful Projects for Effective Management

2013: Purpose and process of Management Planning for Protected Areas

2012: Conflict management in Protected Areas