2020 Siggen Seminar : Climate Change Adaptation

Helping protected areas adapt to a changing climate

The Siggen Seminar has gone 100% digital!

Once again the Siggen seminar was an opportunity to learn, exchange and innovate. Under the constraints of COVID19-related travel bans, the organising team had to adapt to the new conditions and innovate by organising a 100% digital seminar. 

We are sharing here an overview of the work done, key information shared as well as key learnings and ideas discussed.


During this online interactive seminar, the objectives were:

– Learn more about the basic concepts and ideas underlying climate change adaptation for protected area managers;

– Meet and exchange with experienced nature conservation professionals;

– Contribute to the design of a draft recommendation for policymakers.


Helping protected areas adapt to a changing climate

Through case studies and presentations, speakers gave participants an overview and important considerations on how to adapt to climate change in (and around) protected areas

Seminar Highlights

To help you get the best of the presentations, you can read  a highlight of the presentations and download the presentation material.

Read the Program Highlights here

Watch on demand

All presentations have been recorded and are accessible in an online playlist here


Enabling collaboration and personal contributions from participants was more challenging. Nevertheless, by leveraging cloud technologies, we managed to get interesting results.

Climate change adaptation library

Together we built the prototype of a collaborative online library on climate change adaptation for protected areas. You can access it here

Ideas box

Assemble interesting ideas from the field on how to improve policies and regional governance and help protected area managers adapt to a changing climate? They will be fed into the work of the EUROPARC Climate Change Task Force  and will contribute to the design of a draft recommendation for policymakers. Read the summary here


Our exposition to the COVID-19 travel ban was very high as we were expecting 25 people to travel from all over Europe to meet in Northern Germany for the 2020 Siggen Seminar. The rate in which the conditions changed was rather fast. We had to adapt within a fortnight. Instead of cancelling the seminar altogether, we decided to test our resilience and challenge our adaptation capacity. We were confident that we could still meet our objectives at least partially by going 100% Digital.

Read the key learnings of running a 100% digital seminar here