Webinar Engaging stakeholders for marine conservation

How can Protected Areas create public consensus for the management of our natural resources? Which strategies are there to boost engagement and share responsibility?

We invited  Victor Gutiérres and Silvia Guádix Montero from Fundación Biodiversidad to to unveil us some of their secrets in public engagement of the project LIFE INTEMARES.

Main Take-Home messages

  • Map your stakeholders according to their level of participation
  • Create participatory events where people can be heard
  • Build mutual trust and maintain contact
  • Change the power structures towards more ownership and shared responsibility

Download the presentations below

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Engaging stakeholders in INTEMARES


Download the answers of Fundación Biodiversidad to some of the participants´ questions.

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The webinar is organised as part of a series within the scope of the LIFE e-Natura2000.edu project, or ‘LIFEedu’ for short. You can find out more information about the project here – also, if you have not already done so, please sign-up for the project’s bi-annual newsletter in the end of this page: www.europarc.org/life-e-natura2000-edu/